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(This summery is based on several legends and stories that I've come accross)
They are never quite Wolves. Even at the peak of their transformation they retain many of the features of Men. Werewolves are hollow-eyed with fangs protruding from the lower lip. They travel alternately on all fours and on hind feet; their legs are calloused and scabbed. Hair will be found on the palms of their hands and on the soles of their feet. The more they continue any foul practices, the less difference their is between the one guise and the other.

Werewolves tend to eat the flesh of living humans, prefering children to all other things. They have at all times a raging thirst, but do not drink blood. Weapons and tools, other than their claws or fangs, are useless to them. Werewolves tire easily and cannot retain the form of Wolf beyond daybreak.

If wounded in the guise of Wolf the body of the Man will bear the scar as well. When a Werewolf is killed he changes at death back into a man.

Exorcism is of dubious benefit against Werewolves. Use the same precautions as for Vampires.

Werewolves are of two sorts: voluntary and involuntary. Those who have been bitten once too often by a Vampire or werewolf, or have been cursed into Werewolfdom by a malevolent Witch, or have inadvertently placed themselves in the hands of an evil or incompetent experimenter with youth-giving elixirs and potions are all involuntary Werewolves. They have little or no control over their changes from Man to Wolf and Wolf to Man, and are subject to phases of the Moon.

Those who wish to be Werewolves for pleasure may become so by obtaining from a Witch or Sorceress a salve which, when rubbed well into the skin, will turn one into a Wolf and back again. The salve may well find that it is not possible to be a truly voluntary Werewolf for long.

Werewolves ~ Lycanthropy

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